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Projects: Projects

Brand Storyboard

A full comic strip-style storyboard on my story behind Dogwood Dreamer's creation and inspiration.



A mindmap on my personal values as well as Dogwood Dreamer's values, brand profile, and goals.


Vintage-Inspired Bridesmaid Cameo Set

This beautiful set of hair combs, necklaces, earrings, and rings were designed (or revamped) by me especially for my bridesmaids in my wedding. I designed them to fit my cameo, vintage-inspired theme. I hope you love them as much as I did on my very special ladies.

IMG_20160621_083108(edit) (2).jpg

Hand-sewn Beaded Drape Veil

There are so many styles of veils for so many different types of brides, but when picking one for myself I became quickly disheartened by the overwhelming cost and underwhelming variety of styles for my specific vision.
I had already made it difficult when I had decided to make my own birdcage veil but desired to have an additional back veil, a rather unorthodox choice. So when the lack of options became increasingly frustrating, this DIY bride decided to make my own, eventually finalizing in this creation.
While drape veils are not my invention in the slightest, they tend to be undersold on the market, but what they lack in storefront popularity, they more than make up in antique couture. They can fit a wide range of themes and thanks to their two-comb design, make for a more creative option when your bridal hairdo of choice doesn't quite fit a traditional one-comb styled veil.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces

When given the choice to fork out thousands of dollars in flowers and pre-designed centerpieces, this thrifty bride chose another option. With some beautiful faux flowers found around in the local shops as well as decorative hat boxes, hollow book-like boxes, and a few wine boxes, I turned my wedding from a pretty penny spent on pre-made decor to a unique penny-pinching design that fit my style more precisely.


Dogwood Dreamer Logo

When designing the Dogwood Dreamer logo, I struggled to find a design that wasn't so obvious it lacked creativity but also, wasn't so abstract, it didn't reflect my brand. Thus, I combined the cross with the dogwood and crown to reflect the faith-driven message behind the dogwood and the crown to reflect my accessory projects. Initially, I wanted to make the cross out of a dogwood, but the shape of the dogwood petals just didn't fit the design I was going for. So, I changed it so that the dogwood, while still the center of the design, emphasized the cross's message more efficiently.


Composite Image-Digital Media Assignment

When designing this composite image, I wanted to make my message clear.

  • I was inspired by Tennessee rain fall.

The  process of making my design:

  • I wanted multiple images of cats and dogs to prevent seeming repetitive.

  • I struggled finding images of the animals falling, so I switched my search to ones jumping to capture the sense of gravity in the object images.

  • For the background images, I tried to incorporate rain, clouds, and darkness to emphasize the heaviness of the rain.

  • I blended multiple background images for color and lighting effects. 

In terms of how I felt doing this assignment, I thought it was:

  • a lot of fun

  • tested my artistic skills 

My only complaint with the assignment was the dimensions required.

  • While a fitting size for my website, it limited the space to establish the images

  • It's orientation was limited to portrait versus landscape

Overall, I really enjoyed this project.


While this page showcases mainly my own works, I cannot stress enough how helpful DIY boards and forums can give inspiration to creations such as these. So follow this Link to Pinterest and find what inspires you:

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