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What is Dogwood Dreamer?

About Dogwood Dreamer: Headliner

Dogwood Dreamer began as starter project simply for posting my ideas, dreams, fashion insights, and so on, but it is now transforming into a portfolio of a future I hope to accomplish under God's guidance.

I was born in a small city in California amongst a diverse group of people and perspectives.  After graduating high school, though, I found myself of all places in a nowhere town in Tennessee, and it was here that I became enchanted by the dogwood blossom. It's beautiful simplicity reminded me of the cherry blossom, which already sparked my love, but it was in hearing an impacting legend connecting the dogwood blossom to my faith that I decided that the dogwood would hold a special place in my heart to come.

I hope you will join with me in exploring the several different outlets of spreading this exquisite flower's message as well as the other amazing avenues that inspired me in my artistic endeavors. 

Some things to look forward to in the coming future for Dogwood Dreamer include:

  • My Christian Romance Novels

  • My Author Blog

  • My Art

  • Fashion Vlogs and Tips

  • My Upcoming Online Boutique

  • and so much more!

Thanks again for joining me in this journey, and follow the link below to explore some of current or past projects.

About Dogwood Dreamer: About
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