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Papillon Noir Kindle Edition Available for Pre-Order

wp:paragraph The Kindle Edition of the sequel to The College Girl's Coiffetta, Papillon Noir is now available for Pre-Order. It will be released August 20th, 2019. Here is the Link to where to find it: Kindle Edition.

Kindle Edition Book Cover

Synopsis: Papillon Noir tells the story of Mahieu Len, the grandfather of Korbel. When Gatsby is struggling to find the reason for Korbel secretive behavior, he confides in Mahieu for advice and support. Along the way, he can't help but ask the story of how Mahieu met his late wife, Seraphina. The answer will shock him.

Travel back in time to 1944 in France, when a young Mahieu Len fights at D-Day in order to liberate France and gain back the Len Estates in Champagne. Along the way, he finds himself tangled in the complicated life of a young prostitute from the Papillon Noir maison close in Cherbourg, France.

So, if you're interested in getting it as soon as it comes out, it is ready for pre-order! I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support.


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