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Kindle Freebie Promotion: 4ever a Father (Book 2 in 4giveness Series)

Interested in reading the sequel to my first novel, 4ever a Father? Starting July 19th till July 23rd, I will be offering 4ever a Father for free on Kindle. Here's where to find it once it's live: Kindle Version 4ever a Father Book Cover Art Here's the synopsis: 4ever a Father (Book 2 of 4giveness Series)– Taking place eleven years after Finally 2gether, this sequel tells the story of Seth Henderson, one of Azura’s triplets, now a teenager himself and trying to get through high school. He finally thinks his life is going pretty well when he finds that his childhood crush, Farah, might feel the same as him. However, skeletons from both their past seem to want to infer with that. Seth finds hi

Papillon Noir Kindle Edition Available for Pre-Order

wp:paragraph The Kindle Edition of the sequel to The College Girl's Coiffetta, Papillon Noir is now available for Pre-Order. It will be released August 20th, 2019. Here is the Link to where to find it: Kindle Edition. Kindle Edition Book Cover Synopsis: Papillon Noir tells the story of Mahieu Len, the grandfather of Korbel. When Gatsby is struggling to find the reason for Korbel secretive behavior, he confides in Mahieu for advice and support. Along the way, he can't help but ask the story of how Mahieu met his late wife, Seraphina. The answer will shock him. Travel back in time to 1944 in France, when a young Mahieu Len fights at D-Day in order to liberate France and gain back the Len Estat

Kindle Freebie Promotion: Finally 2gether

Hey, if you have been curious about my first novel, Finally 2gether, but maybe don’t want to pay for it yet, here’s your chance to read it free! I am offering free copies of the Kindle Edition of the book for the next 5 days starting today, Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 until Sunday, July 14, 2019. Finally 2gether Synopsis: Azura Henderson was your average 11-year-old when she went to a birthday party that would change her life forever. One bottle of wine in the hands of her 14-year-old best friend, and both teens are met with the terrifying reality of his actions when Azura finds herself pregnant with triplets. Deciding to honor God the best she can, she selflessly chooses to keep the childre


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